Favorite Garment

With proper care and a little bit of prudence, cashmere garments can be a lasting piece of the winter wardrobe for years to come. These super-soft items of our wardrobe keeping our warmth require special care and shouldn't mat down. However, if they do it can be reworked easily. I understood that the cashmere fiber needs a rest between wearing for at least 24 hours - then wrinkles will vanish. Certainly we should treat stains as quickly as possible. It is better to swill the stain immediately with cold water. The stain can be fixed by hot water. When garments from the cashmere fiber get wet, let them to dry far away from direct heat. Then they won't lose their warmth. The best way to make sure cashmere fiber garments last is to handle them carefully. Cashmere hair should be cared for like any other fine woolen. It is possible to keep them looking new. We should use a fine washable soap for hand washing of knits with cold water. Woven garments should be dry cleaned. I fold my favorite knitwear with tissue and store flat in a drawer. So my sister does. We never do hang our cashmere fiber garments on hangers. We hold dear our warmth. But we hang our woven garments from the cashmere fiber on padded hangers, zippered and buttoned with pants and shirts on hangers designed for them. At season's end I wash the sweater with warm water and baby soap. Usual baby shampoo works great. If the care instructions on the tag say it's all right, I let me machine-wash the sweater. But the safest method is washing the sweater by hand. I fill the sink with warm water and add as much of the shampoo as necessary to make the water sudsy. Then I put the cashmere fiber garment into the water and let it to stay there for 15 minutes. Then I without effort squeeze the excess water out. I lay the sweater between two towels to dry it. I need to change them to remove any extra moisture. Then I dry my clothes on a new dry towel. We store dry garments in a special garment bag in a cool, dry place. Our knits are folded and stored in a chest or drawer. I always use moth crystals or spray to protect garments gifting me lovely warmth.